Lessons Learned in Strange Places

Lessons Learned in Strange Places

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qLessons Learned in Strange Placesq is an intriguing, yet true, account of author Jane Cooper's travels to various places around the world. Chronicling her numerous adventures, Jane provides a fascinating picture of many different countries, some of which are now closed to tourism, and especially to American tourists. The most important aspects of her stories are the lessons that were learned along with the answers to many prayers, which she and her mother experienced as they entered and exited these countries. For example, their trip to Iraq in 1974 not only required patience but also a great deal of prayer. It was at this time that Jane learned the importance of yielding to God's will. Arriving in Iraq with her mother for a Christmas holiday with no lodging secured, by chance they met an American woman and her German husband at the airport. The couple offered them a place to stay that turned out to be a blessing. In addition to the wonder of various lessons learned along the way, the amazing answers to prayer were just as impressive. qLessons Learned in Strange Placesq offers the anticipation of what the next problem might be, how the author handled each one, and the astonishing end results-and the part that prayer and faith played in each adventure.However, the next morning my car was still there, and with the aid of a clothes hanger I was able to unlock the car door, and we headed on our way In the daylight the mountain pass was manageable, and we had no further problems until weanbsp;...

Title:Lessons Learned in Strange Places
Author:Jane Cooper
Publisher:Inspiring Voices - 2014-06-26


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