Let 100 Voices Speak

Let 100 Voices Speak

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From the Occupy movement in the Western world to the role of Twitter in the Middle East, the internet is changing the global landscape. China is next. Despite being a heavily censored society, China has over 600 million active internet users. With the help of inventive memes and Chinese puns, political news, gossip and satire have spread through the internet underground, becoming practically impossible to contain. Social media expert and China-watcher Liz Carter here tells the story of a coming together of activists and ordinary people on an unprecedented scale. A grassroots shift of assumptions and expectations has taken place, as Chinese men and women have rejected the party-line, top-down status quo and sought out new forms of self-expression and communication with the world. Let 100 Voices Speak is the must-read guide to a changing China, and the future of protest and censorship in the internet age.Many Chinese see Aoia#39;s videos as instructional materials of a sort, filling in the gaps of Chinaa#39;s sex education, which ... And this rapid openingup online has further proven the power web users have wielded to challenge longentrenched norms.

Title:Let 100 Voices Speak
Author:Liz Carter
Publisher:I.B.Tauris - 2015-06-23


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