Let Them Eat Carbon

Let Them Eat Carbon

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Climate change is big business. Much of the money so-called green policies cost us goes straight into the pockets of a bewildering range of special interests. Around the world companies are making billions out of the schemes governments have put in place saying they will curb global warming and protect us from the threat of climate change. There is little evidence that those policies are an efficient way to cut emissions. They simply do not represent good value, and the public are right to be sceptical. In Let Them Eat Carbon Matthew Sinclair looks at the myths perpetuated by the burgeoning climate change industry, examines the individual policies and the potentially disastrous targets being put into place by ambitious politicians, and proposes a more realistic alternative.If government intervenes andplaces atax onan activity that createsa negative externality, or provides asubsidyto anactivitythat createsa ... Costa#39;.181He established that, in a hypothetical world with zero transaction costs, themarket would perfectly correct for externalities. ... preventingtheexternality than the person producing the externality did on pursuing the activity thatcreated it, then they would pay theanbsp;...

Title:Let Them Eat Carbon
Author:Matthew Sinclair
Publisher:Biteback Publishing - 2011-09-05


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