Let's Explore America

Let's Explore America

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Well researched and presented guide about the USA for world wide audience, especially for immigrants and perspective US immigrants to help them get a comprehensive view of our great nation on earth. Book is written by a naturalized American International Business Executive and former manager with a top Fortune 500 company with decades of US experience, who now is into academics.. What is to be noted here is that most new comers will take a long time understanding American society and culture and get rid of false notions acquired by reading tabloids, second rates movies and listening to those for whom America is sour grape.More importantly, immigrants should remember that Americans with college degrees are willing to take up any and all kinds of jobs to stay employed, ... So better be prepared for the long haul! ... such as the H1b Visa or a dependent visa that authorizes a person to work. ... For Doctors, Nurses and Pharmacists it is a tough process. ... for the simple reason that most companies do not want to waste their resources on scrutinizing literally thousands of resume that follow advertisements.

Title:Let's Explore America
Author:Raj Gadasalli
Publisher:eBookIt.com - 2013-02-01


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