Letters from Michael : a Communication from the Flip Side

Letters from Michael : a Communication from the Flip Side

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A young man by the name of Michael took his own life in August, 2002. In January, 2003, Michael began writing through Tracy. This became the beginning of the communication between the two realities, the physical, and non-physical. In Michael's writings, he conveys the still-continuing progression of his life on what he calls qthe Flip Sideq. His personal experience with qdeathq gives us a glimpse into the place we are all headed. Reflections of his life in physicality, and his metaphorical transfusions of intellect and spiritual symbolism create an awakening to the meaning of life, and the preparation for the transition into eternal life. Michael is the bringer of truth, through his own personal challenges.... and this is the way I feel besta€”it is natural. I am without all the a€œmakea€”up, a€ the wig, the exterior laya€”out that slowed me down, but I liked it that way. ... Untangle the lies a€” before they untangle you. You You You I I I I am Rejuvenating In 49.

Title:Letters from Michael : a Communication from the Flip Side
Author:Tracy M. Phernetton, Gauthier, Michael John, 1978-2002 (Spirit)
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2004


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