Letters in the Attic

Letters in the Attic

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Lizzy McMann, A feisty twelve-year-old, lives with her immature mother and Manny, her father (she thinks) in a fleabag Phoenix hotel. One night, Manny's sudden announcement that he wants a divorce forces mother and daughter to move to upstate New York to live with Lizzy's grandmother and grandfathera€”a mixed blessing. At school, Lizzy befriends, then falls in love with, Eva Singer, who is dyslexic, looks like Natalie Wood and lives right down the street. Like all girls her age, Lizzy has to deal with her first period, her first bra and her first boyfriend. But what scares her most is her love for Eva. She is also concerned with getting a new husband for Mamaa€”especially after reading Mama's letters that she has found in the attic. Then Eva gets a boyfriend and Mama's life enters what seems to be a new crisis. . . . How Lizzy comes to grips with life's strange twists and turns makes fascinating reading for adults and young readers alike.This isthe second day our Home Ecclass has beenlearning how to make eggsalad sandwiches and wea#39;re just now gettingto ... It would be a lot more fun to wear safety goggles and make a birdhouse than to sit here waiting for the show to start.

Title:Letters in the Attic
Author:Bonnie Shimko
Publisher:Chicago Review Press - 2012-05-01


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