Leveling the Playing Field in spite of Myself

Leveling the Playing Field in spite of Myself

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This is a consolidation of both of my previous publications and a revision of my autobiography portrayed in a more explicit manner. I present more details as to how, with my pronounced limited academic ability, I managed to utilize both positive and detrimental factors from my early childhood to my advantage in order to accomplish my ultimate success in life. I present my usual witty satire in discussing the many hardships and hurdles I encountered during my seemingly-impossible educational path. My eventual goal was also undoubtedly attributed to my life-long ability of being able to overachieve and outperform. Along with these factors and endless battles with bipolar illness and gross obesity, I managed to convert these deterrents into an incredibly advantageous situation, as I explain how some of the characteristics resulting from my illness actually helped to sustain my drive to success. Even one of my decisions to quit medical school turned out to be a very important impetus in my eventual success. I eventually served thirty years as a rural family practice physician and fourteen years as coroner of a mid-sized Louisiana parish. I strive to add and discuss more pertinent information regarding my life experiences that was previously erroneously but unintentionally omitted and address many of the questions that arose unanswered, along with relating more gruesome and mischievous incidents, including a more recent mishap that left me with a slight handicap. I discuss the countless problems that I faced while treating my patients, relate my numerous conflicts with various governmental agencies and organizations, and detail many unusual cases that helped mold my life and influenced my decisions. I also reveal even more of my innermost secrets and confessions during my practice, and I elaborate further on my bipolar illness and its impact on my life. I feel that this book is a must-read for bipolar individuals who should have no problems identifying with me.He expired while he was lying on his back on the bed with an IV needle still in place in his left arm, and this was attached by ... from this hospital, of which included Demerol, morphine, valium, and promethazine, without anyonea#39;s knowledge.

Title:Leveling the Playing Field in spite of Myself
Author:Vincent N. Cefalu, Sr., M.D.
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-10-15


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