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Under all the glamour surrounding Beverly Hills, a sleazy underbelly quietly festers. As love for barter, lowlife scams, and trashy pickups lurk in the shadows, a small-time hustler masquerades as a big shot. Forty-year-old Joel Schebschitz is a friendly supplier of antique jewelry who knows a sexy woman when he sees onea€”and that doesna€™t include his wife. Claudia Alonzo is a voluptuous Brazilian model looking for a fast buck. When the long-legged beauty approaches Joel with the hope of selling her ruby ring, he jumps at the opportunity. But there is only one problema€”Claudia is not attracted to Joel at all. A mastermind at devious manipulation, Claudia knows Joel may be very useful to her, so she happily strings him along as he trails after her heels like a lovesick puppy dog. In this scandalously provocative tale set among the bogus glitz of Southern California, steamy sex transforms into murderous hate as a diabolical war ensues between a rapacious gold-digger and a monstrous liar. a€œLiar is very entertaininga€”smart, insightful, funny and truly sexy. A must-read.a€ a€”Russell Andrews, author of Hades a€œA very sexy and hilarious book ...a€ a€”Peter Gethers, chief editor for Random Houselike I didna#39;t hear her. God ... But then she may say something else, and Ia#39;ll be exposed. ... a€œDidna#39;t you speak French in school? ... a€œYeah, I did.a€ a€œHow many years were you there?a€ Is she a Nazi interrogator or what? a€œFive.a€ a€œHow can you forget?

Author:J. R. Allison
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-08-15


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