Liberals Don't Flush

Liberals Don't Flush

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Liberals don't flush! They're reared to make a mess of situations and leave the cleanup to Conservatives. Young adults are faced with many confusing decisions in life aside from whether or not their pants are in style. Liberals Don't Flush addresses some of these by wrestling with the following life questions and more: *How do Conservatives and liberals behave in everyday situations? *Do Republicans or Democrats really represent our best interests? *Do I want big government changing my diapers for the rest of my life? *How many 4XL super-jumbo diapers does Ted Kennedy go through in a week and who changes them? *Why does the left not want me to know the truth about the war against terroristic Islam? *Why hasn't Alec Baldwin moved to France? *Why shouldn't a man like Herman Cain be our next President? *What should we do about illegal immigration? *Who's working hard to keep racism alive? *Is my school trying to educate me or brainwash me? *Why do a significant number of vehicles speeding from crime scenes display faded Kerry-Edwards bumper stickers? Barry Mason invites you to wade knee-deep into a layman's politically incorrect and brutally honest analysis of liberalism. Wear your hip boots.The truck has two fuel tanks and you can literally watch the fuel gauge needle move from right to left like the 2006 ... Ia#39;m thinking that the Scion xB looks like fun. ... The problem with that is Ia#39;m not poor, so I have no bus route near my home.

Title:Liberals Don't Flush
Author:Barry Mason
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-01


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