Liberty, Equality, Power: Concise

Liberty, Equality, Power: Concise

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LIBERTY, EQUALITY, POWER offers students a clear, concise understanding of how America transformed itself, in a relatively short time, from a land inhabited by hunter-gatherer and agricultural Native American societies into the most powerful industrial nation on earth. The authors promote this understanding by telling the story of America through the lens of three major themes: liberty, equality, and power. This approach helps students understand not only the effect of the notions of liberty and equality, which are often associated with the American story, but also how dominant and subordinate groups have affected and been affected by the ever-shifting balance of power. The Concise Fifth Edition incorporates the work of new coauthor, Alice Fahs (University of California, Irvine), an accomplished historian of the 19th and 20th centuries, with special expertise in cultural history and the history of gender. LIBERTY, EQUALITY, POWER continues to offer strong political, social, and cultural coverage and valuable pedagogical tools including History Through Film (now in every chapter) to help draw students into the material and show the relevance of history to their own lives. LIBERTY, EQUALITY, POWER: A HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, CONCISE, 5e is available in the following volume splits: LIBERTY, EQUALITY, POWER: A HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, CONCISE FIFTH EDITION (Chapters 1-32), ISBN: 978-1-43908495-3; LIBERTY, EQUALITY, POWER: A HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, CONCISE 5e, VOLUME I: TO 1877, (Chapters 1-17), ISBN: 978-0-495-90382-6; and LIBERTY, EQUALITY, POWER: A HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, CONCISE 5e, VOLUME II: SINCE 1863, (Chapters 17-32), ISBN: 978-0-495-90383-3. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.500, 000 Taft 1909a€”1 913 Roosevelt 1901a€”1909 300, 000 McKinley I 600, 000 400, 000 1897a€”1901 200, 000 100, 000 I 0 1890 ... Like his predecessor, Wilson first turned his attention to tariff reform. ... Virtually everyone in both parties agreed on the need for greater federal regulation of banks and currency, but there were sharp differences over how to proceed. ... seemed more consonant with the principles of Roosevelta#39;s New Nationalism than with those of Wilsona#39;s New Freedom.

Title:Liberty, Equality, Power: Concise
Author:John Murrin, Paul Johnson, James McPherson, Alice Fahs, Gary Gerstle
Publisher:Cengage Learning - 2010-01-01


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