License to Steal

License to Steal

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Tipping the Scales of Justice: How Will a€œWe the Peoplea€ Respond? Reflections based on thirteen years in Federal Bankruptcy Court and NY Supreme and NJ Superior State Courts, and the expenditure of in excess of $1.6 million: a€œWITHOUT TRUTH THERE CAN BE NO JUSTICE; WITHOUT JUSTICE THE TRUTH BECOMES IRRELEVANT.a€ Being a Nation ruled by a€œlawa€, the greatest danger to the future of America and to the preservation of our individual freedoms is from within our borders, from those who make the laws (Congress), those who enforce the laws (attorneys, judges, courts), and those who administer the laws (President and Chief Executive, commander of the US Armed Forces) governing these United States. This noble experiment of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, rather than being governed by a king or monarch who inherited or usurped such powers, staked its future on the a€œrule of lawa€, rather than a€œrule by birtha€ or a€œrule by mighta€. For Americaa€™s first 150 years, a€œBlackstonea€™s Commentaries on the Lawa€ were used in Courts, the US Senate, and prestigious law schools to define the law and train persons therein throughout America. Blackstone taught that common law evolved from God, whose laws were absolute, and that no human laws were of any validity if contrary to the Holy Scriptures (the Bible). In 1930 a€œBlackstonea€™s Commentariesa€ were discontinued as the governing source documents in US Law Schools, in favor of the a€œCase Lawa€ approach, whereby US Laws and the US Constitution would be interpreted in an a€œevolvinga€ manner based on a€œtrendsa€ in prior court decisions, rather than by Almighty Goda€™s ultimate authority as envisioned by the Founding Fathers. This book, (based upon the Authora€™s 13 years as a volunteer seeking to address a bondholder grievance), is written to clearly reveal the extremely dangerous and destructive legal rulings and procedures evolving from substituting human authority/judgment for Goda€™s, resulting in a legal system which no longer seeks truth and justice as its primary objective, but simply oversees an a€œadversarial competitiona€ favoring the guilty under the guise of fairness or legal necessity. The Author carefully chronicles his extended 13-year court experiences, to identify what he believes is both the root cause of our current major problems in the U.S. and the primary reason for the now diminishing prior greatness of these United States of America: REPLACING a€œTHE BIBLEa€ AND a€œTHE CONSTITUTIONa€ AS THE BASIS OF U.S. LAW AND ORDER, WITH EVOLVING HUMAN VALUES. Just as the Israelites replaced Goda€™s simple a€œTruthsa€ with a a€œhumana€ set of extensive rules and requirements to inherit Heaven (which actions led to their downfall), so the US Congress, Courts, and Presidential Administrations have created literally thousands of laws, rules, regulations, precedents, executive orders, bureaucratic pronouncements, etc. significantly weakening and clouding the God-inspired simple principles of our Founding Fathers. In Chapter 13: Summary of Lessons Learned, the Author sets forth a€œFive Guiding Principlesa€ which he believes can return America to its role as Goda€™s a€œlight on the hilla€, to share a€œthe waya€ with the rest of the world. With all due respect, the Author believes the key US problem today is not the a€œeconomya€ a€“ and whether it has a€œcyclicala€ or a€œstructurala€ problems a€“ but the deterioration of the moral and character values of individual voting Americans, from thos... which words and phrases are to be guessed from their representation in pantomime Commerce: the exchange of materials, products, ... basis (Definition from Bankruptcy Proceeding) Contrive: to plan, scheme, or plot; to improvise; invent Convoluted: rolled one part over ... having a mutual or reciprocal relation; mutually interchangeable Court: a place where justice is to be judicially administered; also, anbsp;...

Title:License to Steal
Author:Ray W. Rowney, Jr.
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2012-05-31


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