Lies, Love, and Life!

Lies, Love, and Life!

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This is the story of my life that was once filled with lies and love. Life has it ways of making you turn to God even when the devil has done so much to make you try to forget about God. This books takes you to when I was a child and how things happened to me that I thought happened because I didna€™t have a mother or father present in my life, but as I got older I realized that my life has purpose. Just like any other person, I went out experienced things in life but through all the hardship, heartache, pains, and sorrows God has kept me. From being adopted by my grandmother to not knowing my biological father, to being in a same sex relationship, to God bringing me through the storm into the sunlight. Through the storms of life, I still had to trust God to guide me to the pot of gold, because I realized behind every rain shower therea€™s a rainbow to bring color and sunshine. My life has not been all bad or all good. I had to run through the rain in order to find comfort in God, but through everything Ia€™ve been through I didna€™t give up because I realized that therea€™s purpose behind pain. I now use my misery as my ministry to help others. Who would have thought my past would make my present successful? Ia€™m a mother of a beautiful baby girl, furthering my education, has the title to my vehicle, but most of all God has saved my soul! Read on inside to see how life lies turns into love and happiness... part time at Cititrends. I have my own apartment fully furnished and my car a 2003 Nissan Altima (black). I am attending college online at Capella University to finish my Bachelora#39;s Degree in Business Administration. I am 42 AliciaJ. Morrison .

Title:Lies, Love, and Life!
Author:Alicia J. Morrison
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-05-09


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