Life at DrTom's: Mostly Humorous Anecdotes by a Mostly Retired Cornell Professor

Life at DrTom's: Mostly Humorous Anecdotes by a Mostly Retired Cornell Professor

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qLife at DrTom'sq is a diverse collection of easy-to-digest anecdotes about human behavior, wildlife, children, wives, and more from the perspective of a retired Ivy League professor. DrTom taught classes in biology and conservation at Cornell University for almost 30 years, and he conducted research on birds and mammals in the U.S. and abroad. But he has found that observing humans and describing the human condition are as interesting as the study of wild animals. DrTom writes with a somewhat cynical view about his own species in a way that will make you say qhey, I never thought of that.q Spanning six decades, DrTom describes the colorful experiences that vary from studying squirrels on a cattle ranch in Idaho, living in the rainforest of Costa Rica, attending a geisha-like party in Korea, playing tennis for Ohio State, to smoking a cigar while sipping a scotch in the forest surrounding his New York home. These moments have sharpened his power of observation and informed his impression of what makes human behavior so curious. But this life-long exploration of what makes life interesting has generated the tangible he celebrates the most--the memory of these rich encounters. Readers will have no difficulty relating to DrTom's observations and conclusions about the experiences he shares. You will see yourself in many of the uncanny situations in which he has found himself as a father, grandfather, husband, teacher, and retired baby-boomer. Regardless of your age, gender, or educational background, the prose will make you laugh, or pause, or think more deeply about what you see around you.Can. (DrToma#39;s grandson reading Holldobler and Wilsona#39;s The Ants, which he reads in English and translates into Estonian) ... When we got to the Canadian border, the border guard asked if there were any non-U.S. citizens in the van. ... I had even brought a suit of clothes and planned to make a good visual impression on my comrades in the fledgling society that was being formed that week. ... Those shoes cost me $80, which was a lot of money to pay for shoes in the mid- 80s. Thenanbsp;...

Title:Life at DrTom's: Mostly Humorous Anecdotes by a Mostly Retired Cornell Professor
Author:Thomas A. Gavin, Laurie Murphy - 2013-02-01


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