Life in Mani Today

Life in Mani Today

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qSome insight into Life in Mani Today The Road to freedom... q Not since the advent of British writer Patrick Leigh Fermor s book, Mani - Travels in the Southern Peloponnesus, more than fifty years ago, has there been an historic update, written in English, concerning this land and its people, from a new and very different perspective. Miami-born, Greek-American urologist, Dr. Mickey Demos, exposes the Mani from a unique angle in his book Life in Mani Today The Road to Freedom. This has been a project that the contributing editor, Panayiotis Kokkinias, has spent nearly two years preparing for publication. Kokkinias spent much of this past year in Mani working with Dr. Demos, who wanted to create an up-to-date version to the changes in history, which he discovered when he moved to Mani. His reasoning was based on the fact that his entire family origin began here centuries ago and, until he turned 69 years of age, he had never even visited Greece. Now, at 80, he was on a quest that encompassed an eleven year odyssey. Realizing the passion Kokkinias had for writing, based upon a number of book and periodicals that he had authored and which Demos had read, he asked Kokkinias to help him organize and complete his 600 pages of thoughts into a concise book format and get it published. Demos was a natural, Kokkinias said in an interview, relating to the Doctor s ability to capture the stories he relates in Life in Mani Today. So many people of Greek descent have had their roots in Mani, and the stories abound reflecting the traits and characteristics of these wild mountain people who all claim to have a direct connection to a man named Petros Mavromichalis, one of the greatest freedom fighters in Hellenic history. So many myths, superstitions, battles, wild stories, songs, poems, hearsay, as well as vampires, bats, vendettas, and the power of the evil eye are just the beginning along with the warning to those who so much as mention the word, Mani, to anyone outside of this region. Everybody in Greece knew about Mani and had something to say about the place. You had better watch yourself. Those people in Mani are dangerous. Life in Mani Today will give new insight into what has transpired over these past 50-plus years. It is not a dry historical chronology, but a lively look, with some comic relief, about life in the old country. You might be surprised at what has changed and more surprised at what has stayed the same. Here is an opportunity to learn more about a part of Greece that has remained independent of the rest of the mainland for many years. How these people have survived and succeeded in life, and have stayed free from a lot of the politics that currently threaten the financial stability of this great country, continues as a credit to their hard work, their intelligence, and their use of common sense.departures, and so on that are frequent in any new system, even the best, instead of being proud of Greecea#39;s new development. ... patiotism for the country instead of it always being divided by the people; they need something like a#39;Uncle Sama#39; in America. ... Aunt Dina always spoke to the contrary saying, aquot;You cana#39;t trust her.

Title:Life in Mani Today
Author:Mickey Demos
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-02


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