Life in Transition

Life in Transition

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Nobody can escape change, whether ita€™s the loss of a job, a home, money, or even a loved one. Instead of falling into fear or avoidance, find your way back to happiness and wholeness by embracing the opportunity for growth and renewal in every transition. Life in Transition shows you how to uncover the gifts that emerge from each loss and reinvent yourself into a stronger person than you were before. Through personal stories, practical exercises, meditations, and more, Servet Hasan teaches you how to gain wisdom from your pain with intuition as your guide. Even the most difficult and painful loss becomes a chance to evolve spiritually and receive the miraculous gift of self-realization. Praise: a€œLife In Transition provides a roadmap out of pain and suffering into the realization that we can use our transitions as a catalyst for personal evolution. This book shows you how to tap into the answers that already lie within you through your own intuition.a€a€”Terry Cole-Whittaker, author of What You Think of Me is None of My BusinessWhen negative thoughts come into your mind such as a€œIa#39;ll never find the manofmy dreams, a€ a€œIa#39;m never going to make the kind ofmoney I need, a€or whatever, dosomething different. ... But evenif you scratch the surfaceand useyour intuitionto guide you, color can and will have aprofound effecton you. ... Changing your bedsheets to a pastelgreencan helpyour heart and soul find growth and healing. Buyinganbsp;...

Title:Life in Transition
Author:Servet Hasan
Publisher:Llewellyn Worldwide - 2014-01-01


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