Life on the Road with the Master Wine Cellar Builder

Life on the Road with the Master Wine Cellar Builder

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This book is about all the adventures that I have experienced in my journey to places where most people do not get to go. This is not just about all the stars and celebrities and their wine cellars but is about people, monuments, things, and places along the roads of this great country of ours. Wine cellars are a thing of beauty and a place of refuge. They have become more and more popular over the years. Some of the nation wine enthusiasts, including stars and celebrities, have had them built in their homes and restaurants... I am the guy who built some of these wine cellars. I have been designing and constructing some of the most beautiful wine cellars in America for over 15 years. Today, I am considered by most, to be The Master Wine Cellar Builder in the U.S. My past clients consist of quite an A-List. Regis Philbin to Rusty Wallace to CEOa€™s of major corporations, and restaurant chains like Rutha€™s Chris Steakhouses. My way of doing things is not the ordinary way. Many years ago I packed up my entire business and converted the a€œbasementa€ of an my RV into a rolling workshop, and hit the road. My company, The Magnum Company Inc, is completely 100% mobile, building wine cellars across the nation. I spend 365 days a year traveling back and forth across this country of ours, building wine cellars, camping in RV resorts, golfing, and of course drinking some of the finest wines. I am part nomad, part craftsman and 100% friendly, with a glass of wine for every stranger meet, in every campground I stay. Since about 1995, wine cellars, have become extremely popular on both the East and West Coasts and of course in the Midwest. My company is devoted exclusively to the design, consultation, and construction of custom wine cellars. Ita€™s a true adventure! You will learn the proper way to store your wines. The drama that surrounds some of the wine cellar installs. What happens to us if The Wine Cellar RV has to go to the shop. But in the end, you will see some of Americaa€™s great wine cellars. Get a great tip on some of the worlda€™s finest wines. Along with good food, good wine, good stories and amazing craftsmanship and construction for some of the countrya€™s biggest wine enthusiast! Who knows you might even meet a star or two along the way. I choose to live anywhere The Wine Cellar RV will take me. I could be eating lunch in Manhattan with a friend or building a wine cellar for a star or celebrity across the country, seeing more of the country in a month than most people might see in a lifetime. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your visit through the United States.I went to Las Vegas to do an onsite wine cellar consultation on one of my trips. This was no ordinary ... One of the floors housed a hot tub that looked like a giant wheel on a roulette table. The wine cellar ... Good thing I was in a rental car and not The Wine Cellar RV. The man who ... on my way. A few weeks later I had some paperwork delivered to me and they wanted me to pay $12, 000 to repair the car.

Title:Life on the Road with the Master Wine Cellar Builder
Author:John Seitz
Publisher:Author House - 2011-09-12


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