Light and Dark

Light and Dark

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Trevor J. Hawkeswood is a scientist who has experienced hundreds of paranormal events in his lifetime. In Light and Dark, he recounts some of these incredible interactions. He believes that reality occurs on two separate but interwoven planes of existencea€”the Earth plane and the multiple levels of the spiritual planes, including the lower levels, from where the dark souls of humans who have died reach out to us. He has experienced more than one hundred sightings of the shadow people, or a€œblack ghosts.a€ He credits guardian angels with saving him from harm or certain death on a number of occasions. Hawkeswood also shares accounts of his numerous sightings of strange aerial phenomena he believes were caused by UFOs. He has personally experienced clairaudiencea€”voices from beyonda€”and precognition, or the ability to see the future. His detailed account of a unique out-of-body experience (OOBE) challenges what is known about this remarkable ability. His OOBE was unlike anything that has ever been described by others who have experienced ita€”and he shares it all in Light and Dark. But it hasna€™t all been safe or pleasant. At eighteen, he survived a terrifying encounter with a demon gargoyle who tried to steal his soul energy after paralysing him. A comprehensive handbook for the paranormal enthusiast, Hawkeswooda€™s work also provides a glossary and reference list of English-language UFO books. In Light and Dark, he shares a lifetime of experiences, ideas, and theories about this fascinating field of study.iBooks, New York. Bowen, C. (ed)(1974). The I-Iumanoidsa#39;A ... Suhjects: An Annotated Bibliography. US. Government Printing Oflice, Washington, District of Columbia. ... David Chase, Seattle, Washington. Chatelain, M. (1979). Our Ancestorsanbsp;...

Title:Light and Dark
Author:Dr Trevor J. Hawkeswood
Publisher:BalboaPress - 2013-01-31


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