Light at the Rat Pond

Light at the Rat Pond

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In May of 1970, the world of 10-soon-to-be-11-year-old Jack Hobbs and his fellow Icks is about to be changed forever by the arrival of qpure quillq Will Corben, a boy unlike any they've ever met. Will's steadfast, genuine faith in God makes an indelible impression upon all who meet him. From adventures at the Rat Pond, Hoboland, and the railroad tracks, to cruising the alley and baseball games at Harper's field, Will's presence changes things; some of the Icks don't like the change. And nearby, evil hides. He watches. He waits. By the end of summer, that evil will have terrorized the Icks. While the Icks are engulfed in a thrilling summer, the guilt of Kate's haunting past taunts her, and now someone stalks her. Imminent peril looms because of what Kate's mother calls Kate's qdeplorable indiscretion.q Kate doesn't want to tell Jack she is responsible for his father's murder, so she hides the truth and prepares for what's coming alone. But no matter the cost to her, Kate will protect Jack from a relentless danger.She strode to the rear glassed-doors and could see only sprinkles offat raindrops hitting the parked cars and lot. a€œGonna make it, a€ she said. She pushed open a door, checked the alley in both directions before heading to the Impala. The stormanbsp;...

Title:Light at the Rat Pond
Author:Richard Newberry
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2014-11-10


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