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Why is left right and right left in the mirror? Baffled by the basics of reflection and refractions? Wondering just how the eye works? If you have trouble teaching concepts about light that you don't fully grasp yourself, get help from a book that's both scientifically accurate and entertaining with Light. By combining clear explanations, clever drawings, and activities that use easy-to-find materials, this book covers what science teachers and parents need to know to teach about light with confidence. It uses ray, wave, and particle models of light to explain the basics of reflection and refraction, optical instruments, polarization of light, and interference and diffraction. There's also an entire chapter on how the eye works. Each chapter ends with a Summary and Applications section that reinforces concepts with everyday examples. Whether you need a deeper understanding of how light bends or a good explanation of why the sky is blue, you'll find Light more illuminating and accessible than a college textbook, and certainly more fun.Yes, because light waves have a frequency and wavelength associated with them, and those two things obey the ... After all that, herea#39;s how to make light waves: move an electron up and down, just as you would move the end of a rope up andanbsp;...

Author:William C. Robertson
Publisher:NSTA Press - 2003-01-01


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