Lingua Et Linguistica 1.2

Lingua Et Linguistica 1.2

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Lingua et Linguistica is part of the JLL Project: Language Linguistics Literature Learning published in association with Shakespeare Centre Press, and linked to the on-line journals of the Project: Journal of Language and Linguistics, Journal of Language and Learning, Journal of Language and Literature. Further information about the JLL Project and the refereeing committee for this journal is available at the project web-site: http: // Lingua et Linguistica seeks to publish work which makes an original contribution to linguistics and language study, including language teaching methodology and the language of literature. Submission information is available through the project web site.In turn, both text meaning and idiomatic meaning are dependent on what each reader brings to the act of reading in terms of knowledge, experience, ... 101 French idioms: Understanding French language and culture through popular phrases.

Title:Lingua Et Linguistica 1.2
Author:Graeme Davis - 2007


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