Linux Administration Handbook

Linux Administration Handbook

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a€œAs this book shows, Linux systems are just as functional, secure, and reliable as their proprietary counterparts. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of thousands of Linux developers, Linux is more ready than ever for deployment at the frontlines of the real world. The authors of this book know that terrain well, and I am happy to leave you in their most capable hands.a€ a€“Linus Torvalds a€œThe most successful sysadmin book of all timea€“because it works!a€ a€“Rik Farrow, editor of ;login: a€œThis book clearly explains current technology with the perspective of decades of experience in large-scale system administration. Unique and highly recommended.a€ a€“Jonathan Corbet, cofounder, a€œNemeth et al. is the overall winner for Linux administration: ita€™s intelligent, full of insights, and looks at the implementation of concepts.a€ a€“Peter Salus, editorial director, Since 2001, Linux Administration Handbook has been the definitive resource for every LinuxAr system administrator who must efficiently solve technical problems and maximize the reliability and performance of a production environment. Now, the authors have systematically updated this classic guide to address todaya€™s most important Linux distributions and most powerful new administrative tools. The authors spell out detailed best practices for every facet of system administration, including storage management, network design and administration, web hosting, software configuration management, performance analysis, Windows interoperability, and much more. Sysadmins will especially appreciate the thorough and up-to-date discussions of such difficult topics such as DNS, LDAP, security, and the management of IT service organizations. LinuxAr Administration Handbook, Second Edition, reflects the current versions of these leading distributions: Red HatAr Enterprise LinuxAr FedoraTM Core SUSEAr Linux Enterprise DebianAr GNU/Linux UbuntuAr Linux Sharing their war stories and hard-won insights, the authors capture the behavior of Linux systems in the real world, not just in ideal environments. They explain complex tasks in detail and illustrate these tasks with examples drawn from their extensive hands-on experience.No sample files are provided, but the bindconf package should have them. Debian and Ubuntu give you a choice of BIND 8 or BIND 9 depending on which package you install (bind vs. bind9). The following details assume BIND 9. Programsanbsp;...

Title:Linux Administration Handbook
Author:Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder, Trent R. Hein
Publisher:Addison-Wesley Professional - 2006-10-30


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