Linux Quick Fix Notebook

Linux Quick Fix Notebook

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A guide for Linux system administrators who want quick, step-by-step answers to common problems and typical tasks--provides all the expected screen output when configuring the most commonly used Linux back office applications to assure the reader that they are doing the right thing, and includes many commonly encountered errors with explanations of their causes as well as how to fix them. Original. (Intermediate).disconnections, causes, 58 Linux, installing on, 416-420 slow response times, causes, 58 VPNs (virtual private ... 460 directories, exporting, 458 DNS, 464 export nesting, 476 file locking, 476 file permissions, 476 hanging, 475-476 ... 60 MAC (media access control) address, 26-27 packet flow, viewing, 79-85 shutting down, 45 speed, changing, 49-51 ... 263-264 reinstallation failures, 268 remote commands on demand, 269 remote logins, 267-268 TELNET deactivation, 640 Index.

Title:Linux Quick Fix Notebook
Author:Peter Harrison
Publisher:Prentice Hall - 2005


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