Linux Server Hacks, Volume Two

Linux Server Hacks, Volume Two

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Today's system administrators deal with a vast number of situations, operating systems, software packages, and problems. Those who are in the know have kept their copy of Linux Server Hacks close at hand to ease their burden. And while this helps, it's not enough: any sys admin knows there are many more hacks, cool tips, and ways of solving problems than can fit in a single volume (one that mere mortals can lift, that is). Which is why we created Linux Server Hacks, Volume Two, a second collection of incredibly useful tips and tricks for finding and using dozens of open source tools you can apply to solve your sys admin problems. The power and flexibility of Linux and Open Source means that there is an astounding amount of great software out there waiting to be applied to your sys admin problems -- if only you knew about it and had enough information to get started. Hence, Linux Server Hacks, Volume Two. This handy reference offers 100 completely new server management tips and techniques designed to improve your productivity and sharpen your administrative skills. Each hack represents a clever way to accomplish a specific task, saving you countless hours of searching for the right answer. No more sifting through man pages, HOWTO websites, or source code comments -- the only resource you need is right here. And you don't have to be a system administrator with hundreds of boxen to get something useful from this book as many of the hacks apply equally well to a single system or a home network. Compiled by experts, these hacks not only give you the step-by-step instructions necessary to implement the software, but they also provide the context to truly enable you to learn the technology. Topics include: Authentication Remote GUI connectivity Storage management File sharing and synchronizing resources Security/lockdown instruction Log files and monitoring Troubleshooting System rescue, recovery, and repair Whether they help you recover lost data, collect information from distributed clients, or synchronize administrative environments, the solutions found in Linux Server Hacks, Volume Two will simplify your life as a system administrator.Centralize Macintosh Printing with CUPS As shown in Figure 3-15, the URL of the remote CUPS printer is in the form ... Youa#39;ll probably also want to print a test page to ensure that you can connect to the remote printer and verify that you selected the correct print driver to ... You will need to modify two configuration files to tell the CUPS server how to handle raw data files received via HTTP, configuring it toanbsp;...

Title:Linux Server Hacks, Volume Two
Author:William von Hagen, Brian K. Jones
Publisher:"O'Reilly Media, Inc." - 2005-12-22


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