Lipids in Photosynthesis: Structure, Function and Genetics

Lipids in Photosynthesis: Structure, Function and Genetics

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Lipids in Photosynthesis provides readers with a comprehensive view of the structure, function and genetics of lipids in plants, algae and bacteria, with special emphasis on the photosynthetic apparatus in thylakoid membranes. This volume includes the historical background of the field, as well as a full review of our current understanding of the structure and molecular organization of lipids and their role in the functions of photosynthetic membranes. The physical properties of membrane lipids in thylakoid membranes and their relationship to photosynthesis are also discussed. Other topics include the biosynthesis of glycerolipids and triglycerides; reconstitution of photosynthetic structures and activities with lipids; lipid-protein interactions in the import of proteins into chloroplasts; the development of thylakoid membranes as it relates to lipids; genetic engineering of the unsaturation of membrane glycerolipids, with a focus on the ability of the photosynthetic machinery to tolerate temperature stress; and the involvement of chloroplast lipids in the reactions of plants upon exposure to stress. This book is intended for a wide audience and should be of interest to advanced undergraduate and graduate students and to researchers active in the field, as well as to those scientists whose fields of specialization include the biochemistry, physiology, molecular biology, biophysics and biotechnology of membranes.Structure and Function of the Photosynthetic Apparatus A. Chloroplast Size and Number Fatty acid unsaturation and the nature of the head groups determine the phase and fluidity properties of membrane glycerolipids and their interaction with specific membrane ... Although normal gross morphology of the plant can be restored if the mutants are grown at an elevated temperature (above 35 AdC), theanbsp;...

Title:Lipids in Photosynthesis: Structure, Function and Genetics
Author:Paul-André Siegenthaler, N. Murata
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2006-04-11


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