Liquid Crystal Display Drivers

Liquid Crystal Display Drivers

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Liquid Crystal Display Drivers deals with Liquid Crystal Displays from the electronic engineering point of view and is the first expressively focused on their driving circuits. After introducing the physical-chemical properties of the LC substances, their evolution and application to LCDs, the book converges to the examination and in-depth explanation of those reliable techniques, architectures, and design solutions amenable to efficiently design drivers for passive-matrix and active-matrix LCDs, both for small size and large size panels. Practical approaches regularly adopted for mass production but also emerging ones are discussed. The topics treated have in many cases general validity and found application also in alternative display technologies (OLEDs, Electrophoretic Displays, etc.).Figure A.1 shows the simplest circuit diagram of an Active Matrix OLED pixel with the pass transistor M1 (enabled by the Gate line) and the ... The hold effect between two subsequent addressing is performed by capacitor CS that keeps the gate-source voltage of M2 constant. ... compatible to large size panel for public display or home theater, where the diagonal is equal Liquid Crystal Display Drivers 269.

Title:Liquid Crystal Display Drivers
Author:David J.R. Cristaldi, Salvatore Pennisi, Francesco Pulvirenti
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2009-03-25


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