Lisa Lutz Spellman Series E-Book Box Set

Lisa Lutz Spellman Series E-Book Box Set

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This e-book box set features the first four books in Lisa Lutza€™s bestselling Spellman series, including: Am The Spellman Files: Meet the Spellmans: a family of sleuths for whom eavesdropping is a mandatory skill, locks are meant to be picked, past missteps are never forgotten, and blackmail is the preferred form of communication. The gunshot that set off the race of irresistible and hilarious novels in the Spellman seriesa€”The wisecracking Spellmans truly put the qfunq in dysfunctional. Am Curse of the Spellmans: The knockout sequel to The Spellman Files features the same lovable family chaosa€”and even more bizarre twists and turnsa€”as Izzy undertakes some recreational surveillance of her own. Nominated for the Edgar Award for Best Novel of 2008. Am Revenge of the Spellmans: Third in the critically acclaimed series, Revenge of the Spellmans gives us another dose of smart-ass antics and a gut-busting glimpse into the Spellman world. This time, Izzy is not only on the case, but also on the coucha€”in court-ordered therapy. While Izzy decides whether she wants to stay in the family business, she tends bar and takes on the case of Ernie Black's not very suspicious wife. Am The Spellmans Strike Again: The fourth Spellman novel is packed with the most family drama yet. Izzy finally agrees to take over the family business, and the transition is not a smooth one. This book proves beyond a reasonable doubt that no matter how much Isabel shrinks her head, she will never be able to follow Rule #1: Act Normal.a€œHappy Birthday, a€ Henry said as he looked up from his newspaper.1 He then put his bare feet up on his coffee table. It was an awkward shift, as if he had never done it before. a€œI made you a cake, a€ he continued, nodding toward the kitchen.

Title:Lisa Lutz Spellman Series E-Book Box Set
Author:Lisa Lutz
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2011-06-14


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