Listen to This

Listen to This

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One of The Telegraph's Best Music Books 2011 Alex Ross's award-winning international bestseller, The Rest Is Noise: Listening to the Twentieth Century, has become a contemporary classic, establishing Ross as one of our most popular and acclaimed cultural historians. Listen to This, which takes its title from a beloved 2004 essay in which Ross describes his late-blooming discovery of pop music, showcases the best of his writing from more than a decade at The New Yorker. These pieces, dedicated to classical and popular artists alike, are at once erudite and lively. In a previously unpublished essay, Ross brilliantly retells hundreds of years of music history--from Renaissance dances to Led Zeppelin--through a few iconic bass lines of celebration and lament. He vibrantly sketches canonical composers such as Schubert, Verdi, and Brahms; gives us in-depth interviews with modern pop masters such as BjAprk and Radiohead; and introduces us to music students at a Newark high school and indie-rock hipsters in Beijing. Whether his subject is Mozart or Bob Dylan, Ross shows how music expresses the full complexity of the human condition. Witty, passionate, and brimming with insight, Listen to This teaches us how to listen more closely.At first, I had to hide my Radiohead paperwork behind the Tina Turner and QueensrAiche files, because my boss thought I was wasting my time. Then the call ... No matter how many times you hear the song, the second chord still sails beautifully out of the blue. The lyrics may be ... a€œCreep, a€ as Butt-Head must have noticed, was the first of many Radiohead songs that used pivot tones, in which one noteanbsp;...

Title:Listen to This
Author:Alex Ross
Publisher:Macmillan - 2010-09-28


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