Literal Lattt

Literal Lattt

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For fifteen years, New York's community literary paper, Literal LattAc, has kept free thought free, developed new writers, and fed hungry readers. Debuting in 1994, Literal LattAc filled a void for aspiring writers and editors. In the modern world, where it is almost impossible to get published without an agent and almost impossible to get an agent without getting published, Literal LattAc provided a much-needed missing link. Serving up thirty-thousand free copies in New York's coffeehouses, book stores, and arts organizations, the editors published the highest level of new literature a feast in many flavors. Suddenly, good writing, in a friendly and accessible format, became as popular as cappuccino. With this anthology, Jenine Gordon Bockman and Jeffrey Michael Bockman, who remain traditional book people, present highlights from their years of publishing Literal LattAc. This eclectic collection of short fiction, poetry, essays, and nonfiction will dazzle any lover of good writing. Each selection is fascinating, and the writing, delectably varied, is flawless and clearly focused. The Bockmans have masterfully swirled the forty-five pieces into an enticing brew. So, pour that cup of Joe, pick up a pair of biscotti, and prepare to be thoroughly entertained.It floated in a drinking glass on the edge of a pink porcelain sink, dreaming of blinking and winking under a ... hea#39;d ask, pointing to the eerie red lines etched across the white glass globe. a€œAnd look at ... him to work some 45 miles from our home in the Watchung Mountains to his dry cleaning business in Newark, New Jersey.

Title:Literal Lattt
Author:Jeffrey Michael Bockman, Jenine Gordon Bockman
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-12


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