Little Big Men

Little Big Men

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Little Big Men is a study of competitive bodybuilders on the West Coast that examines the subculture from the perspective of bodybuildersa€™ everyday activities. It offers fascinating descriptions and insightful analogies of an important and understudied subculture that has risen to widespread popularity in todaya€™s mass culture. Alan Klein conducted his field study of bodybuilding in some of the worlda€™s best-known gyms. In studying the social and political relations of bodybuilding competitors, Klein explores not only gym dynamics but also the internal and external pressures bodybuilders face. Central to his examination is the critique of masculinity. Through his study of a€œhustlinga€ among bodybuilders, Klein is able to construct a social-psychological male configuration that includes narcissism, homophobia, hypermasculinity, and fascism. Because they exist as exaggerations, these bodybuilder traits come to represent one end of the continuum of modern masculinity, what Klein terms comic-book masculinity. This study is a rare foray into the critique of contemporary American macho.Injury and illness are anathema, an admission of having failed to do things properly. Ironically, in direct ... testosterone propi- onate, Blastron, Anavar; one bodybuilding favorite is Dianabol, or aquot;D- ball, aquot; as bodybuilders call it. These steroids are ... There was a time when only top-level competitors would use drugs , and then only for competition, but that time has long since passed. Today it is fashionable to take steroids just to achieve the look of the bodybuilder. To this end there is aanbsp;...

Title:Little Big Men
Author:Alan M. Klein
Publisher:SUNY Press -


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