Little Easter

Little Easter

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Dylan Klein, having come into some money during his last case, has given up his distinguished career as an insurance investigator to pursue his dream as a writer. But like stray light near a black hole, Klein is sucked into the vacuum of a deadly love triangle by the appearance of a mysterious woman and her subsequent execution. Klein, alarmed that his best friend a€“ ex-New York City detective Johnny MacClough a€“ might be involved, temporarily turns in his pen. With the questionable assistance of an alcoholic newspaper woman and a notorious criminal lawyer, Dylan Klein plunges headlong into the quicksand of organized crime and the powerful men behind it. Klein faces enormous problems in his quest, not the least of which is Johnny MacClougha€™s stubborn refusal to cooperate. If anything, the ex-detective appears bound and determined to sabotage the efforts being made on his behalf. Further complicating Kleina€™s travails is the potential fallout from a tragic love affair. Left unresolved and dormant for over two decades, it threatens to explode like some forgotten time bomb left ticking in the attic. Can Klein defuse the situation or will it blow up in his face? Little Easter is a novel about the falls we take and the ways in which we recover...if we recover at all. Join Dylan Kleina€™s forays into the clandestine worlds of the Mafia, New Yorka€™s Diamond Exchange, and behind the police departmenta€™s blue wall of silence. Meet the fallen and the tall.Why was it, I wondered, that gray hair looked so distinguished on everyone else. ... a€œDo tell.a€ I did. I told. Everything, this time. He wore his cop face, absorbing it all like a skeptical sponge. I hated that ... the exdetective peeled off the cynical makeup sooner than expected, almost too soon. a€œGood name for a rockabilly star.

Title:Little Easter
Author:Reed Farrel Coleman
Publisher:The Permanent Press - 1993-03-10


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