Live and Work in China and Hong Kong

Live and Work in China and Hong Kong

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Moving to China or Hong Kong can be a complex, challenging experience. Not only is the language barrier daunting, but life there often appears about as foreign as it can get. China is becoming a major world player, and Hong Kong has always been a popular place for expats, but many foreigners still find it a country shrouded in mystery. Why must you never give a Chinese person a green hat or rest chopsticks vertically in a bowl? The opportunities for foreigners in China are increasing, and as a result, more people are discovering the fascinating customs, cultural treasures and exquisite landscapes that await them. Crammed with practical information, advice, and peoplea€™s personal experiences, Live a Work in China will save you time and help you avoid making mistakes. This book will help you learn about the country, its culture and its people, as well as help you: a€c Decide whether ita€™s right for you a€c Get any visas you need a€c Set up your new home a€c Understand business etiquette a€c Enjoy your time offAllied International: (USA) 800 323 1909; (UK) 020 8219 8000; (Australia) 3 9797 1600; (Vancouver) 800 795 2920; (Toronto) 866 267 9106 ... The vehicle registration form can be obtained at the local offices of the Traffic Management Bureau.

Title:Live and Work in China and Hong Kong
Author:Jocelyn Kan, Hakwan Lau, Diana Martin
Publisher:Crimson Publishing - 2008


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