Live Girls

Live Girls

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The cult classic that changed vampire fiction forever. When Davey Owen loses his girlfriend and his job, he seeks solace in the seedy darkness of Times Squarea€™s Live Girls. Inside its peep show booth, Davey finds a hypnotic fantasy, an irresistible ecstasy, an obsession. Soon, the beautiful dancer Anja offers him an insatiable demonic kiss, and with that Davey seals his fate as one of the eternal damned. Can Davey, along with newspaperman Walter Benedek, unravel the mystery of Live Girls before Davey loses his soul? Or are they being pulled, spiraling down toward something sinister and . . . oozing . . . in the cluba€™s basement? With 1987a€™s fan favorite Live Girls, author Ray Garton broke new ground in the world of horror novels. Visceral, erotic, unforgivinga€”the images in this book will haunt you. That is not a warning . . . it is a promise.Flecks of dark, bloody meat clung tohis fingers and he raised his handto his open mouth. ... Raindrops pattered against thepane, andas Daveydrifted off again, the sound incorporated itselfinto his dream in the form of white empty shoes thatanbsp;...

Title:Live Girls
Author:Ray Garton
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2014-04-01


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