Live in Total Peace after Death

Live in Total Peace after Death

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-Why is this world the only planet that has air we can breathe? -Why is this world the only planet to be controlled by time? -Th is planet was covered with water 6, 000 years ago, what happened? -How long will people live on earth? -Will this earth last forever? -Why was this earth made? -Death means separation. Your spirit will leave this body. Question: Where will you live forever? Death means separation. You will be separated from your earthly body. There are two places you will live after you die Heaven or Hell. It is not enough to believe in Jesus. Even Satan and his demons believe and tremble in Hell at the name of Jesus. So what good does it do to know Jesus? Nonea€”if you do not believe His word. Read this book to find what His promises are and how to use them. Are you able to return from the grave and live forever? A lot of people have come alive again. My question is: how many live that resurrection life forever? Do you know who you will live with forever? Do you believe you will meet your loved ones after you die? If you are in Hell, you will be hurting to the point that you will be saying, a€œjust let me die.a€ But you have died for the last time. To answer the question, you will be hurting so much you will not care what or who is around you. Please believe what I write and stay out of Hell. This is my blessing to you.Sharon - Doris - Hollis - Sandy - Sally a€“ Charlotte - Norman a€“ Ray- and Bob do not have cancer in their bodies, ever and will not have cancer in their bodies as long as they live. Father I ask You to get them to say what the Bible says, not what anbsp;...

Title:Live in Total Peace after Death
Publisher:WestBowPress - 2013-10-03


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