Live Longer, Live Younger

Live Longer, Live Younger

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'I'm sure that Dr Sharma's book will help all those in search of optimum health as he has helped me in the past' Tina Turner, Singer-Songwriter This book, by leading integrated health practitioner Dr Rajendra Sharma, explains how we can all slow down the ageing process and lead a healthier and more productive later life by making simple and easy lifestyle changes. He reveals the key principles we can start to follow from day one that can prevent the onset of many age-related conditions. Dr Sharma presents the compelling scientific evidence that shows the foods we should avoid and those we should eat more of in order to, for example, reduce the chance of developing arthritis and particular forms of cancer. He shares inspiring case studies based on his clinical work to underscore the point that lives can be turned around, whatever your current state of health. The book then goes on to examine in depth each of the key systems of the body. It provides advice on the investigations that should be performed to ensure health as we age, outlines the nutritional changes specific to assist each system and advises on the particular therapeutic approaches that have been shown to be beneficial. The book also explores the implications of the latest research in genetics and healthy ageing. Inspiring and practical, Dr Sharma proves that ageing need not be a fearful process but something we can approach with positivity, confident that a healthy later life is available to everyone.Hot drinks, especially caffeinated tea and coffee, spicy food, fried foods, anything with a high refined sugar content and alcohol a€“ especially when taken on an empty stomach a€“ all irritate the stomach lining, reduce mucus production andanbsp;...

Title:Live Longer, Live Younger
Author:Dr Rajendra Singh
Publisher:Duncan Baird Publishers - 2013-12-26


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