Living Both Sides Physical and Spiritual

Living Both Sides Physical and Spiritual

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My name is Leroy Wright Jr. I was born in Pineville Louisiana. I have two brothers and three sisters. There is nothing special about my family that GOD would over look our sins just because we were taught to love instead of hate. Some may think just because we were raised in the country and they were raised in the city, that a different GOD will judge us. HELLO, the same GOD will judge will judge us all. He will not allow the things that I do wrong go unpunished, nor the things you do. So let's all get it right and serve GOD in spirit and in truth. Remember that he is watching the things we do good or bad, and all is being kept on record. On judgment day there will be no excuses or exception. On the day of his return all will bow and confess that JESUS CHRIST is LORD. May GOD Bless and keep us all is my prayer.As I walked toward the freeway I saw a black truck and the first thing I notice was a paint chip on the tailgate where ... Now here it was 1991 and we had purchase a new 1989 Chevrolet truck (new to us) and everyone was asking me if I wasanbsp;...

Title:Living Both Sides Physical and Spiritual
Author:Leroy Wright Jr
Publisher:Xulon Press - 2010-10


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