Living by the Truth

Living by the Truth

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The truth shall set you free! The Church wants to know the truth about many vague and confusing issues regarding spirituality. Members of the church community are having a hard time finding the answers to the questions in their hearts. Living by the Truth will answer the questions regarding marriage and divorce, church membership, why Christians die in the Church, tithing, speaking in tongues, prayer, homosexuality, self-gratification and more. Almost everything you need to know regarding spiritual truth is found within the pages of Living by the Truth. When the Church begins to live by the truth, the chains and shackles that have kept them bound will be loosed and the power of the Holy Spirit will abound unto a freedom of healthy, spiritual living!In the beginning of this scripture we realize that it was those who did not bow down and worship the gods that were thrown into the fiery, furnace; ... It is because when Satan plays his music, they dance, they bow down and they worship him.

Title:Living by the Truth
Author:Lillian C. Larry
Publisher:PublishAmerica - 2005-05


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