Living Gluten-free on a Budget

Living Gluten-free on a Budget

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Is eating gluten-free becoming too harsh on your budget? Do you want to enjoy gluten-free foods without burning a hole in your wallet? Having gluten intolerance or celiac disease can make life challenging. You have to walk on eggshells when buying and consuming food. And a single bite from a regular cookie could send your stomach on a roller coaster ride. While gluten-free alternatives of different food items are available in several stores, they can get pretty pricey and are not always easy to come by. But with Andrea Huffington's new book, Living Gluten-free on a Budget, eating gluten-free on a budget will now become a practical reality. The book contains budget, shopping, and meal plans for the gluten intolerant, and so much more. You will discover: How to manage your daily living to follow the gluten-free diet on a budget Where to shop for gluten-free foods Life hacks that can make living gluten-free so much easier Gluten-free dishes and recipes that require inexpensive ingredients How to cook gluten-free dishes like a pro An A-Z guide on how to smoothly maintain a gluten-free lifestyle What and what not to eat to become free from the shackles of gluten How to eat gluten-free even when eating out or celebrating the holidays The health benefits of eliminating gluten from your diet If you're sensitive to gluten, you most probably want to indulge in all the tasty stuff this world has to offer. But now, thanks to Andrea Huffington, you won't have to hold back or be a slave to your food restrictions. You will readily have a guide filled with healthy, delicious, gluten-free food options at your disposal.of coupons and a careful shopping plan make eating on a budget as easy as 1, 2, 3! ... guide that willshow you how to do everything from preparing your kitchen pantry to finding thebest ways to save money andstay within your personal budget.

Title:Living Gluten-free on a Budget
Author:Andrea Huffington
Publisher:Primal Publishing - 2014-02-04


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