Living Sci. Bio. 8 (Col.Ed.)

Living Sci. Bio. 8 (Col.Ed.)

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The comprehensive text builds up a sound base for higher classes. The accurate diagrams, activities and experiments are aimed at developing a scientific temper. Exhaustive exercises are given to test knowledge, understanding and application of concepts learnt. Project work and a glossary of scientific terms are the other distinguishing features along with a Science Virtual Resource Centre on Advantages of vegetative propagation alt;a–r The plants produced by vegetative propagation bear flowers and fruits earlier than the plants produced ... Artificial propagation Since vegetative propagation is a faster method of reproduction, it is used in gardens and nurseries. ... Example, rose, jasmine, Bougainvillea.

Title:Living Sci. Bio. 8 (Col.Ed.)
Author:Anita Paul
Publisher:Ratna Sagar -


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