Living Thin

Living Thin

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Maggie Rose is 29, single and perpetually broke. With a weakness for this season's must-haves, good food and good wine, money is something that Maggie spends, not saves. But with mounting credit card debt, her job at the newspaper failing to support her lifestyle and the man of her dreams in love with someone else, Maggie finds herself desperate to tighten her belt and get a healthy relationship with her finances. With the support of her friends, some professional advice and a little thing called eBay, can Maggie change her ways and live thin? Living Thin is a funny and light-hearted tale that will help you learn how to budget, pay off debt and save money... and still have a life!Of coursemaking 30minute international phonecallswas going tobe expensivea€” what did IthinkI wasdoing? ... was down from $8700 to $5800 aftermy week in Malaysia and the phone bill, and I was worried I would fall back intomy old ways.

Title:Living Thin
Author:Antonia Magee
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2010-07-13


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