Living with a Phenomenal Memory

Living with a Phenomenal Memory

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In 1966, five-year-old Frank Healy was sick and stayed home from school. Bored and too ill to get out of bed, Frank began looking at a calendar and memorized an entire calendar year in a few days. With additional practice, he memorized everything he experienced by making mental notes throughout the day, from decades of Philadelphia weather facts to the history of space flight and a variety of other subjects. Healy, a life coach who specializes in improving memory, documents events that played a part in developing his superior memory skills and provides insight into his ability to recollect. He describes his techniques, how he mastered them, and what others can do, whether the information is for practical use or simply for entertainment. With many humorous episodes entwined within, this intriguing memoir includes puzzles, exercises, and tips for developing memory skills. You may not need to memorize the calendar or the daily weather of the past forty years, but Living with a Phenomenal Memory can help you memorize what you do need to know. Frank Healy is one of approximately twenty people who have been classified as having HSAM Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory. He remembers what happened every day of his life since he was five years old, including the day of the week, weather, news events, and personal experiences. His memory is similar to the character of Carrie Wells, the police detective in the show qUnforgettableq. It can be seen on CBS channel 3 on Tuesdays at 10:00 P.M.How. I. Memorized. My. Work. in. junior. and. Senior. High. School. By my teenage years I had memorized so many dates, and stored ... Or a top student could also be good with people, and not a nerd who only wants to sit at the computer terminal. Stereotypes are often wrong, and life can be more interesting, and you remember more, when you do not make any assumptions but ask people how they are.

Title:Living with a Phenomenal Memory
Author:Frank Healy
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-10


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