Living with Oil

Living with Oil

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For decades, Mexico has been one of the worlda€™s top non-OPEC oil exporters, but since the 2004 peak and subsequent decline of the massive offshore oilfielda€”Cantarella€”the prospects for the country have worsened. Living with Oil takes a unique look at the cultural and economic dilemmas in this locale, focusing on residents in the fishing community of Isla Aguada, Campeche, who experienced the long-term repercussions of a 1979 oil spill that at its height poured out 30, 000 barrels a day, a blowout eerily similar to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster. Tracing the interplay of the global energy market and the struggle it creates between citizens, the state, and multinational corporations, this study also provides lessons in the tug-of-war between environmentalism and the lure of profits. In Mexico, oil has held status as a symbol of nationalist pride as well as a key economic asset that supports the statea€™s everyday operations. Capturing these dilemmas in a country now facing a national security crisis at the hands of violent drug traffickers, cultural anthropologist Lisa Breglia covers issues of sovereignty, security, and stability in Mexicoa€™s post-peak future. The first in-depth account of the local effects of peak oil in Mexico, emphasizing the everyday lives and livelihoods of coastal Campeche residents, Living with Oil demonstrates important aspects of the political economy of energy while showing vivid links between the global energy marketplace and the individual lives it affects.New York: Metropolitan Books. Knight, Alan. 1990. The Mexican Revolution. Vol. 1. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press. a€”a€”a€” ... for Pemexa#39;s DirecciAcn Corporativa dc Operaciones. /files/content/usumacinta/ informe_battelle.pdf Leriche Guzman, Luis Fernando. 1995. Isla del Carmen: La historia indecisa de un puerto exportador: El caso de la industria camaronera ( 1947a€”1982).

Title:Living with Oil
Author:Lisa Breglia
Publisher:University of Texas Press - 2013-05-15


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