Liz & Ian, A Sensuous Love Story

Liz & Ian, A Sensuous Love Story

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Liz and Ian, A Sensuous Love Story Ian Finly, a tall, handsome, middle-aged Scotsman is the very last heir to the Finly Ltd. shipping company and Royal Scott Cruises, Inc. The untimely death of his older brother throws him into total control of the companies, and they soon control him. He has no family of his own and has not visited his home in Scotland for years. He is the technology and security commander of the companies and is just bringing in the wireless usage to the cruise ships as well as taking on all the responsibilities of running the companies. He is consumed by the work and only has time to afford himself a daily work-out on the exercise deck. He is urgently called to the cruise ship sailing the Bahamas as the security officers are sure they have a terrorist onboard, using a computer to activate a sleeper cell. He had never had a problem like this before and is perplexed and shaken when he finds out they think it is a woman. He decides he must get to know her himself and get to the core of this serious threat. Liz Oa€™Riley, an ordinary, middle-aged widow from Lexington, Kentucky, is experiencing a lonely depression after retiring from a busy life as a nurse. Unable to sleep, she watches a segment about cruise ships and decides thata€™s what she will do, and immediately goes to her computer and buys her ticket, not giving herself a chance to change her mind, remaining in her solitary life. Why couldna€™t she meet someone new? Why couldna€™t she love a man again? She knew she wanted to live and love, once again, and maybe the safe confines of a cruise ship would be the perfect place to start. She found that one cruise was not enough and signed up week after week. The first night of her last cruise she meets the tall, handsome Ian Finly, and he seems so interested in her. She knows there is danger that she is just using him for companionship, and he is just tracking a terrorist, but a true love twists them together and sends them on the adventure of their lives.really beautiful. At least, he had kept a sound roof, and there was no water damage. ... Ian stopped at the shop of a long-time friend who did all his leather repair on harnesses and such at his leather shop. ... Mannie began to tell Ian how he had broken his leg the night of the fire and lost the cell phone Ian had given him.

Title:Liz & Ian, A Sensuous Love Story
Author:Alice E. McLaughlin
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-10-06


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