Liz Weston on Personal Finance (Collection)

Liz Weston on Personal Finance (Collection)

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A brand new collection of up-to-the-minute personal finance guidance from award-winning columnist Liz Westona€b 4 authoritative books, now in a convenient e-format, at a great price! All the realistic, trustworthy money advice you need! 4 up-to-date books from Liz Weston, Americaa€™s #1 personal finance columnist Money! Debt. Credit Scores. Investments. Retirement. College. You need answers you can understand, trust, and actually use! Thata€™s where Liz Weston comes in. In this amazing 4 book collection, Americaa€™s #1 personal finance columnist helps you create and execute your own action plan for long-term financial security. No hype, no lectures, no nonsense: just realistic, up-to-the minute help delivered in plain English. Start with the latest edition of Westona€™s nationwide best-seller, Your Credit Score, Fourth Edition a€“ complete with brand-new information on protecting (or rebuilding) the 3-digit number that rules your financial life. Learn how todaya€™s credit scores worka€b exactly how much skipped payments, bankruptcies, and other actions will lower your scorea€b how companies can and cana€™t use your score against you. Get crucial new information on a€œFAKOa€ alternative scores, short sales, foreclosures, FICO 8 mortgage scores, new credit risks from social networking and mobile banking, and how to fight score-related credit limit reductions or higher rates. Next, in Easy Money, learn how to simplify and take control of your financial life, now and forever! Weston takes on the problem everyone has: the sheer hassle of managing money! Youa€™ll find practical guidance and easy checklists for investments, credit cards, insurance, mortgages, retirement, college savings, and more! Discover how to consolidate, delegate, and automate your financesa€bsave time and moneya€band live a more rewarding, secure life. In Deal With Your Debt, Updated a Revised Edition , Weston offers up-to-the-minute help on averting disaster, recovering from serious money setbacks, getting real help, and taking action that works. Weston reveals why ita€™s simply impractical to a€œlive forever debt freea€ - and why trying to do so can actually make you poorer. Youa€™ll find up-to-the-minute strategies for calculating how much debt is safe, and assessing and paying off the right debts first... and if youa€™re too far in debt, Weston will gently and non-judgmentally guide you back into your a€œsafety zone.a€ Finally, in There Are No Dumb Questions About Money, Weston offers up-to-date, common sense answers to the financial questions people ask most often. Youa€™ll find quick, sensible advice on setting prioritiesa€b choosing investmentsa€b saving for college, home-buying, retirement, or other major expensesa€b getting past the pain, arguments, and guilt surrounding money, and doing what works! From award-winning personal finance expert Liz WestonBut if you cana#39;t make your house payment any other way than by tapping your retirement funds, you cana#39;t afford your home. You need to consider other alternativesa€”a regular sale if you have equity, a short sale if you dona#39;t, turning the keys over to the ... pennies on the dollara€” often, supposedly, without hurting your credit.

Title:Liz Weston on Personal Finance (Collection)
Author:Liz Weston
Publisher:FT Press - 2013-04-27


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