Liza, Ever Always (Lost River Saga 1844-1847)

Liza, Ever Always (Lost River Saga 1844-1847)

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Liza Stanfield and Albey Quackenbush were normal kids growing up in the 1840s on Lost River in southern Indiana. They lived with their parents on the farm, worked hard and loved life. They tapped maples trees for syrup, went mushroom hunting and square dancing, and sometimes even ran across a bootlegger or two. John Ritter was a medical doctor with the goal of making his world a better place through teaching and healing. He took care of his family and mentored his young brother-in-law in the practice of medicine. Dr. William Bowles was also a medical doctor, but what he wanted more than anything was political power. He felt that by serving in the Mexican-American War, he would have a better chance of entering the political arena, especially if he came home a hero. In a rigged election, Bowles, who had no military training whatsoever, won the colonelcy of the Second Indiana regiment. Would he lead his regiment into heroism or would the Indiana soldiers come back home in shame, branded as cowards? Lost River Saga tells the story of these four people, their lives, and how their lives eventually intertwined. Liza, Ever Always is the second installment in that series, based on a true story from events that occurred in southern Indiana in the 1840s.PDF Download. GreatSmokyMountains. Shape-Note Singing, Great Smoky Mountains. Online video clip. YouTube. Griffing, W. J. Trustin Brownanbsp;...

Title:Liza, Ever Always (Lost River Saga 1844-1847)
Author:Carolyn Howard - 2014-12-26


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