Lizards Rare and Common

Lizards Rare and Common

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Iguanas, chameleons, geckos -- these and many other types of lizards are to be found in any pet shop, and they all make good pets for the right keepers. But not all lizards are equal. Some are more difficult to keep than others; some are available only wild-caught, others only as color-selected captive-bred specimens. Some lizards feed on a variety of foods, while others need special diets and supplements. No lizard can be just thrown into a simple cage and fed crickets, however -- at least not for very long.Photo: S. McKeown Though often imported and sold at low prices. Mangrove Monitors, Varanus indicus, are too ... Photo: P. Freed 1 Northern Black and White Tegus, Tupinambis teguixin, are commonly. invertebrates. Nile Monitors are majoranbsp;...

Title:Lizards Rare and Common
Author:Tom Mazorlig
Publisher:Tfh Publications Incorporated - 2001


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