Lofdoc's Stories: Short and Sweet

Lofdoc's Stories: Short and Sweet

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The stories that I offer you are a veritable peek into the nonchalant (relaxed) world of the Author, Lofdoc. In contrast to the previous two books that have much emotional and personal confessions (book one, Medical and personal views); and many stories about animals, nature, and mystery stories (Book two, Fish Tales, and stories of the unusual); this third book, An Octogenariana€™s Oracles, is written in a clear, unbiased friendly sort of way. There are stories that are nostalgic (Willow trees); there are stories that reflect and admonish (Regrets); and there are just plain fun to read stories (water skiing, smile please, use it, or lose it). Over all, the book has many stories that will prompt comments such as: a€œYeah, I remember seeing thata€, or prompt a sighing reader to comment a€œthese stories are true, oh so truea€. And so dear readers, I have given you my very best efforts. I have tried to put in print almost all elements that characterize my life on this planet. To this end, I have incorporated all three books into a Trilogy titled: a€œLOFDOCa€™S STORIES SHORT AND SWEETa€ Book one a€“ subtitle Medical and personal views Book two a€“ Fish tales and stories of the Unusual Book three a€“ An Octogenariana€™s Oracles I, Lofdoc, (Lots of fishing Doc), an 87 year old Octogenarian, hope you will enjoy my humble efforts, as much as I have enjoyed writing them.... paint began to peel on the house, it was with due diligence, I scraped, and then applied a fresh coat of paint However, ... it can also be expensive A nearby auto repair shop has a sign posted that read a€œWatching us repairing your car will beanbsp;...

Title:Lofdoc's Stories: Short and Sweet
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-02-17


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