Logical Dynamics of Information and Interaction

Logical Dynamics of Information and Interaction

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This book develops a view of logic as a theory of information-driven agency and intelligent interaction between many agents - with conversation, argumentation and games as guiding examples. It provides one uniform account of dynamic logics for acts of inference, observation, questions and communication, that can handle both update of knowledge and revision of beliefs. It then extends the dynamic style of analysis to include changing preferences and goals, temporal processes, group action and strategic interaction in games. Throughout, the book develops a mathematical theory unifying all these systems, and positioning them at the interface of logic, philosophy, computer science and game theory. A series of further chapters explores repercussions of the 'dynamic stance' for these areas, as well as cognitive science.Thus, deontic logic is a multi-agent preference logic, involving myself and one or more moral authorities.1 In these ... Thus, logics of preference can be designed in the style of plausibility models for belief (Chapter 7), while the methods of Chapters 3, 4 can deal with preference change. ... 9.2 Modal logic of betterness Preference is multi-faceted: we can prefer one individual object, or one situation, overanbsp;...

Title:Logical Dynamics of Information and Interaction
Author:Johan van Benthem
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2011-09-29


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