Long Distance Grandma

Long Distance Grandma

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According to an AARP survey, 45 percent of grandparents report that the primary barrier to seeing their grandchildren is the physical distance that separates them. Yet, the desire to communicate is strong. Janet Teitsort, a long-distance grandma herself, comes to the rescue with a year's worth of ideas to remain close even when the miles divide. Among her numerous ideas are art projects, recipes, and simple gifts that keep hearts knitted together. Whether children are toddlers or college students, Teitsort offers a cornucopia of connection possibilities including a strong recommendation for grandparents to embrace technology with ideas involving audiotape, videotape, email, and the Internet. As the grandparent population swells with Baby Boomers, this book is truly timely.long ......a........ grandkidsa#39; home and your home in the event of a tornado or hurricane. Blowing in the ... If your grandchildren live in a wintry climate, they are thrilled to get outside as March promises spring. Wind up windy-day activities by doing one or more of the following: a#39; Treat your grandkids to books on paper- airplane flying. Be sure to tuck in ... Fun, fun, fun! (Tip: most stores use plastic gift cards.

Title:Long Distance Grandma
Author:Janet Teitsort
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2010-06-15


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