Looking for Adventure

Looking for Adventure

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A Childhood Dream. A Lost Land. The Journey of a Lifetime. How do you become an explorer? It's a question every child has asked. And, Steve Backshall was no different. But after a rainy-day visit to an exhibition of artefacts from Papua New Guinea, it was a question that began to obsess the seven-year old Backshall. Due to this childhood interest, the vast, untamed wildness of Papua New Guinea was where Backshall forged his unlikely path. From crushing lows of early failures to the extraordinary highs of the BBC's Lost Land of the Volcano expedition, it was this dark island which gave Backshall his opportunity. Full of incredible wildlife, extraordinary wilderness, jungles, cannibals, pitfalls, triumph, danger and excitement, Looking for Adventure is the irresistible, inspiring story of a little boy who let his heart rule his head.These include cave spiders, snakes that feed on the bats, crickets and creepy- looking whip spiders with their tickling, tapping, extended front legs that function much like antennae do in insects. Such creatures ... Ia#39;ve found bemused, blinking frogs deep inside, and trout that may well have been swept in as fry. True troglobites, on ... For a second I hung there, heart pounding and fit to burst out of my chest, but not moving a muscle in case I caused something else to pop. When I finally gotanbsp;...

Title:Looking for Adventure
Author:Steve Backshall
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-08-18


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