Looking Great in 21 Days

Looking Great in 21 Days

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Marjo Horn shows you the way to an attractive skin. Apart from the 21-day plan, the book contains a wealth of information on beautifiers for the skin. It has information for all ages and skin types. qLooking Great in 21 Daysq is a rejuvenation method that really works. The programme comprises a 21-day, mildly vegetarian diet focusing on the acid-base balance of the body, plus several very easy massages and facial exercises that can be done in spare moments, and masks made from natural ingredients that most people have in their kitchen. You can follow the 21-day programme if you want to look great, but you can also take the advice in the book merely to improve your skin and slow down the ageing process. The fact that the Marjo Horn method does work is evident from the photographs of participants taken before and after. You have nothing to lose, you can only win -- a beautiful, radiant skin. The book contains a wealth of information: how to treat dry, greasy, combined and normal skin and the skin with wide pores; discover your type of skin; beautifiers - what's good, what's not good voor your skin; what causes wrinkles- what to do to prevent wrinkles; masks of natural ingredients; how to massage the skin (skin massages); how to train the facial muscles (derma fitness); how to treat and prevent a double chin (tongue lift); how to treat and prevent sacking cheeks (cheek lift); how to treat and prevent drooping eyelids (eye lift). This book is meant for people of all ages and skin types.What to buy a€c The alternatives to meat mentioned in the menu options and week menus for at least one week. You might decide to ... Avocado oil, evening primrose oil, jojoba oil and tomato puree (the latter preferably in a jar). The oils can, foranbsp;...

Title:Looking Great in 21 Days
Author:Marjo Horn
Publisher:Allwell Publishing - 2007-11


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